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Why use a Commercial Solar & Energy Expert to review your energy usage? 

Energy costs are one of the big-ticket items on your expense sheet every month. It is a cost that is unavoidable, but why pay more than is necessary?


With the right energy reduction solution, you will save money and gain energy efficiencies to future proof your business against rising energy costs.  We can help you out no matter where you are located in Australia.....if you are in business, you need our expertise to ensure you are getting the best deal in energy.


We can talk you through the most appropriate options for you in solar, led lighting and battery storage solutions, along with reviewing your current energy tariffs to determine if you could save just by switching plans.


Why Choose Zap?

It’s important within this business to trust that you are getting an expert opinion, which is why our Directors take on the work themselves. They have comprehensive experience within the industry and know what it means to provide great service and deliver the best end result possible. It’s a win win.


Both Directors are at the heart of the business and have clients throughout Australia. This means that you will more and likely be dealing with one or both throughout this process, and they are at the end of the phone whenever you need them - no call centres, no palming you off to inexperienced consultants once the agreement is signed!  They are in it with you for the long haul.


Trust is a core value of ours. We will always be open and honest. We will not recommend a solution that is not right for you – if you don’t need the biggest & best we wont recommend it. If you have shade issues, we won’t install it. If it isn’t going to save you money, we won’t mention it!




 Your Complete Solution, step by step






To end up with the best solution for you, we need to fully understand your needs, wants and business specific circumstances. This first step is about communicating and collaborating with you to ensure we have the same end goal in mind.






Understanding your current and historical energy usage is a critical part of designing an end solution to save you money. We will undertake a comprehensive review of all areas within your business to assist in delivering a tailored solution that is right for you.






Following our analysis and evaluation, we will provide a recommendation on the ultimate solution for your business, including estimated energy savings, return on investment and details of our No Capital Finance Option.






Our team of experienced and qualified experts will manage each stage of your energy saving project, meaning you can remain focused on your business and start saving sooner!






We don’t just walk away once your solution has been implemented. You will receive regular reports analysing system performance, ongoing bills and comparing actual data with expected data to ensure we are delivering on our Guarantee.



 What Our Customers Say


"Zap were the best trade company that I have ever dealt with.  Their knowledge was brilliant and they made everything so easy.  I loved how the installers just did the work, never asked questions, cleaned up and did a great job.  Thanks Grant and Kerri."


Virginia from UZIT