About Us

Our team at Zap Energy Solutions are passionate about providing a complete energy solution for Australian Businesses. We look at every facet of your business to determine where you can save money on your energy expenses. This holistic approach ensures you get the best return possible.
Zap’s two Directors saw the potential for providing a turn-key solution amongst an energy saving market that is very product driven. Many times over the years they were confronted with business owners who knew they should do something about their energy bills, but just didn’t know where to start or have the time to pull it all together.


Worry no more!


Zap has an experienced and qualified team of experts behind us, meaning we get the right products at affordable prices and tie it all together with our experience to ensure you get exactly what you need without having to lift a finger!



Whilst Zap is an Adelaide based business, both our Directors are at the heart of the business and have clients throughout Australia. This means that you will more and likely be dealing with one or both throughout this process, and they are at the end of the phone whenever you need them - no call centres, no palming you off to inexperienced consultants once the agreement is signed!  They are in it with you for the long haul.


It’s important within this business to trust that you are getting an expert opinion, which is why our Directors take on the work themselves. They have comprehensive experience within the industry and know what it means to provide great service and deliver the best end result possible. It’s a win win.


We are truly independent and base our recommendations on the right solution for you rather than favouring any particular suppliers.



We only use the best in the business when it comes to our business partners. From our products and installation teams, to our finance and technology solutions, we have used our industry experience to handpick partners who have the same values and goals as us.


It is important to deliver the best product for you at the most affordable price whilst providing you with great customer service and quality workmanship, every time.



Trust is a core value of ours. We will always be open and honest. We will not recommend a solution that is not right for you – if you don’t need the biggest & best we wont recommend it. If you have shade issues, we won’t install it. If it isn’t going to save you money, we won’t mention it!



´╗┐We are so committed to our figures, projects and calculations we would like to stand by them.  If we don't meet the proposed 1st years savings figures, we will refund the shortfall in savings.


This can give you the piece-of-mind that we know what we are talking about.


This guarantee is subject to the following:
- Local irradiance conditions meeting historical Bureau of Meteorology irradiance data +/- 5%

- Your electricity usage remaining consistent with data supplied by you

- The current applicable tariff remaining the same

- Variance in applicable electricity supplier rates

- The agreed % of solar power being fed into the electricity grid

- Us having the right to conduct full system audits during this period 


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