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There are many ways to reduce your electricity costs. Every solution we recommend is customised to your specific business needs. Our recommendation could include commercial solar options.



Commercial Solar PV


The world of commercial solar is becoming increasingly more complicated and that it is why it is important to work with a team that has experience and knowledge. 


Zap energy solutions will be with you through the whole process and ensure your project is of the highest quality and installed by leading installers. We will ensure that after we wont just walk away once your solutions has been implemented.


You will receive regular reports analysing system performance, ongoing bills and comparing actual data with expected data to ensure we are delivering on our guarantee.



Warranties and insurance are a very important component when looking into commercial solar.

Zap ensures that the products offered are covered by market leading warranties and systems, and insured against damage and loss of yield of the system. This is especially important as your system and and investment is protected for a period giving you complete piece of mind.


What this all equates to is great value and long system life. 


The rising cost of electricity in Australia and the very affordable cost of solar makes an investment into commercial solar a safe long term option. Understanding the detail behind the investment is where Zap Energy Solutions come in. 


We explain details of system outputs, feed in tariffs, savings, return on investment and give you all the tools to make a comfortable decision.


The Government renewable energy target review plays an important role in these decisions. 



Act now to assess your situation to get your energy solution projects implemented as soon as possible. 






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