Commercial LED lights are transforming lighting as we know it.


LED Lights use less enery, last longer and generate more light than traditional lighting products. 
ZAP will use their expertise to assist you in getting the lighting results you desire, installled by A Class electricians.


Energy efficiency and quality of light is what drives us to plan and develop the best solution for you. 



LED Downlights 


Used mainly in office enviroments can be changed to create up to 80% savings. 


High Bay Lights 


Factories, warehouses and workshops utilise high power lights that can be refitted to creat both better quality light needed at times for Australian Standards, at a much lowere wattage giving long term savings.


Tube Lighting


Office, shops, retail outlets, workshops, carparks are places that use tube lighting extensively.

These can easily be replaced by T8 LED tubes giving consistent lighting, needing no maintinence and drastically reducing power costs.


While these forms of lighting are the commonly changed to an LED option, there are many other types of lighting that Zap Energy Solutions can transform to LED for any specific situation.   




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